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                      Welcome To The  

                           Cordova Class Of 1975  

                      "Official Website"


 (updated: 11/22/2021)  


                  Hello Cordova Class of 1975 classmates! I hope you and your families are well!

If you just found the website "welcome my friends to the show that never ends" and congratulations on finally gettting on the internet*.  Sign up and stay informed to upcoming class reunions and classmate updates and connections.  Check out the Cordova Class of 1975 Facebook page for current news and updates also.  Maybe next year around Cordova's Homecoming game on September 30th, 2022 we'll have a party or casual get together at that time?  The next reunion will be a big one, 2025 the 50th Class Reunion "RUST NEVER SLEEPS"!!!   You probably want to  know when and where it's going to be and who will be  attending.   Well stay in touch.  Keep your information updated and check back for updates.  We're in between worlds right now (2020 -  2025) there's not much going on right now.  We'll start planning the 50th around the summer of 2024 with plans for the 50th reunion in the summer or fall of 2025?  Everyone should be about 68ish and I would anticipate you'll have plenty of free time.  It'll be a good time, it always is.  I guess the next years big plan is getting signed up for Medicare as everyone will be hitting the Big 65 and another round of senior discounts to look forward to.  It's been awhile since I (Ricky Slama) updated the website and I'm winging it as I normally do and my proofreader is at Zumba right now and I'm about to hit update so excuse me if there are any errors. It's a beautiful day today I'm gong to go hit the bike trail this morning and go for a cruise. 

  If you're new to the website and the internet and wonder why "no one has ever called me and invited me to a reunion," sign up under classmate profiles and keep your email address updated.  It's 2021 we don't know where you live or your phone number now.  Spread the word.  


   Ciao, until next time, Ricky Slama the official and unofficial Class of 1975 mascot and keeper of the Class of 1975 website.  I'm now also a Grand Master of Freecell, Sudoku, Centipede, Ms. Pacman and Pong and now The Daily Jumble has taken over my life!

 In Memory Updates   (updated 12/24/2021)

As time marches on classmates pass away. I'm sad to inform everyone of another classmate passing away.  6/19/2022 Paul Farrow passed away.  If you know of any information please forward it to me.  12/5/2021 Gary "Coop" Cooper passed away.  8/28/2021 Cheryl Erwin (Cassel) passed away.  A celebration of life will be on September 4th 2021. There's more  information in the In Memory section.  2/28/2021 Jim Noonan passed away from cancer on 2/23/2021.  2020 and recent passings:  I received an email from Silvia Fleming that her husband and classmate John Fleming had  passed away on 11/24/2017.  Cary Petersen passed away on 11/13/2020.  We just saw him at the 45th reunion.  I'll update as I hear any news.   On  (9/13/2020) Sacbee obituaries has Andy A. Russ passing on 9/2/2020.  I just found out yesterday that Sandy Forsberg (Farley) passed away in 2016.  Last year Sandie McElliot (Sadler/Jessup) passed away 11/12/2019. Joann Bonomo (Brandle) passed away 10/25/2019.   Nancy Forsman (Stock) passed away on 7/21/2019.  Jim Green (Vickie Denny wife) passed away on 6/22/2019. He was  a good guy. I knew him since the 10th grade.  Julia Chatt (Scott) passed away 4/22/2019 and Dennis Wright passed away in January, 2019 from melanoma.  Everyone too young, too soon.  You can see the other classmates names in the In Memory area of the website. 

Rancho Cordova news 11/22/2021

tai: "How did we ever survive the hellish drama of diving under our desks at school every month trying to survive a Nuke attack?.....Oh, how times have changed" 







•   Leslie Nye  6/25
•   Kathleen Jackson (Mason)  6/21
•   Donna Kaminsky (Peters)  5/22
•   Robert Ervin  3/4
•   Keith Rogers  2/25
•   David Cole (Cole)  2/9
•   Tom Pollock  1/22
•   Belinda Thomas  1/2
•   Timothy Records  11/23
•   Charles Wright  11/23
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