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                      Welcome To The  

                           Cordova Class Of 1975  

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 (updated: 10/6/2020)  

Reunion News

                  Hello everyone, I hope you and your families are well!

   We had a mini, plan B 45 Year Reunion Happy Hour on Saturday 10/3/2020.  It was a good time, probably around 30 people attended at Brookside Restaurant & Bar in Rancho Cordova (Thanks to them for allowing us to put it on there, it worked out great!).  Thank you for coming out.  If you took any pictures you can post them under the 45 year reunion module to the left.  In case you don't know we had to cancel the big 45 year reunion we had planned because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.       

    A BIG THANK YOU to the classmates who volunteered their time, energy and money over the past year and a half who worked on the 45 Year Reunion.  Thank You:  Tom Pollock for stepping up and taking the lead and putting a team together.  He contacted me about doing a 45 year reunion and I said I don't have the patience for leading it and we need someone to step up and be the lead and he got right on it.  Karen Teel (Treasure, organizer, spread sheeter, etc.) Karen has helped out on every reunion she's great! Judy Gelein, thanks for coming back and helping out you have a lot of experience putting on these events.  Duane Fidel what can I say, he's a legend, a Marauder and he's still in good/fair shape. Carmen Scheurer (Sherman) she made a great "In Memory" picture frames of classmates who have passed away, getting a DJ and for doing the decorations. Lori Mason (Jossart) for helping with decorations. Jana Dodge (Pellegrini), our contact  for Brookside.....and Ricky Slama (me) for keeping the website updated and being Ricky!  All of these classmates put the "L" in Lancer to put the event on for all the other Cordova Lancers out there.  Everyone really looked forward to putting on the reunion but things happened that are out of our hands.

   As we move on from 2020 and the 45 year reunion is in the rear view mirror the future is ahead of us! "Dare I say the best is yet to come!"  Hell Yeah!*  Get ready for 2025 and the 50 year Class of 1975 reunion!  An epic, memorial, life changing event.  No classmate from 1975 has ever experienced anything like that before.  It'll be here before you know it.  Everyone stay well and plan for that!  So start saving your money make a plan for coming back home.  I hear from so many classmates who wanted to attend a reunion but they can't pull the trigger on going and miss out, the 50th will be a milestone event you won't want to miss, like seeing Ancient Rome and the Colosseum.  Maybe a little exaggeration on my part, but it will be a fun weekend it always is. 

   If you're new to the website and the internet and wonder why "no one has ever called me and invited me to a reunion," sign up under classmate profiles and keep your email address updated.  It's 2020 we don't know where you live now.    

  50th Reunion and website donations 

    (Updated 9/26/2020)  Another big "Thank you" to all of the classmates who have made donations so far! We started out with around $600.00 in our reunion bank account in 2019 when we first got together to plan the 45 year reunion and have received about $1700.00 so far from your fellow classmates. The money is for keeping the reunion affordable, paying for the class website and having a kitty of money left over for the 50th class reunion.   Everyone will be about 68 years old that year (That's a big, beautiful and fantastic number!*), who knows how many more reunions we'll have?  Your donation really helps offset some of those fixed costs that occur when putting on an event.  The more that attend, the more the costs are spread out. If you have ever put on an event you know what I mean. We have fixed costs for deposits, setup, decorations, table linens, insurance, bartenders, DJ and cleanup.  Any amount you can contribute helps and is truly appreciated. It's fun and easy to do. Just click the link on the right side of the home page--->. The Cordova Class of 1975 website costs about $80/year? We have always tried to keep the reunions affordable to allow as many classmates  as possible to attend.  Furthermore; as in the past, all classmates who are on the reunion committee pay their full share to attend the event.  Any size donation $10, $25, $50, $100, $200 or even $500 or $1000 (Wow, Thank You, you rock!!) will be gladly accepted. Again there is a Donation Button on the right side of the Home page.    

   Ciao, until next time, Ricky Slama the official and unofficial Class of 1975 mascot and keeper of the Class of 1975 website.  I'm now also a Grand Master of Freecell, Sudoku, Centipede, Ms. Pacman and Pong!

 In Memory Updates   (updated 09/3/2021)

As time marches on classmates pass away. I'm sad to inform everyone of another classmate passing away.  8/28/2021 Cheryl Erwin (Cassel) passed away.  A celebration of life will be on September 4th 2021. There's more  information in the In Memory section.  2/28/2021 Jim Noonan passed away from cancer on 2/23/2021.  2020 and recent passings:  I received an email from Silvia Fleming that her husband and classmate John Fleming had  passed away on 11/24/2017.  Cary Petersen passed away on 11/13/2020.  We just saw him at the 45th reunion.  I'll update as I hear any news.   On  (9/13/2020) Sacbee obituaries has Andy A. Russ passing on 9/2/2020.  I just found out yesterday that Sandy Forsberg (Farley) passed away in 2016.  Last year Sandie McElliot (Sadler/Jessup) passed away 11/12/2019. Joann Bonomo (Brandle) passed away 10/25/2019.   Nancy Forsman (Stock) passed away on 7/21/2019.  Jim Green (Vickie Denny wife) passed away on 6/22/2019. He was  a good guy. I knew him since the 10th grade.  Julia Chatt (Scott) passed away 4/22/2019 and Dennis Wright passed away in January, 2019 from melanoma.  Everyone too young, too soon.  You can see the other classmates names in the In Memory area of the website. 

Rancho Cordova news 02/28/2021

tai: "You know, Cruiser bike guy has no trouble surviving the lockdown.  Wake, bake, repeat and where the hell is the Doordash guy with my Tacos!..."

    Nothing new right now.  I need to update the website.  I took a break after the reunion (really everyday is a break for me).  It's spring time and a new day.  

 Sorry, I need to update the "about us" tab. 





•   Keith Rogers  9/26
•   Leslie Nye  9/26
•   Robert Ervin  9/5
•   Cathy Smith (White)  8/30
•   Rita Clayton (Takemoto)  8/30
•   David Cole  8/4
•   Dean Galiano  8/3
•   Mark Granados  5/6
•   Noreen Thommessen (Bench-Heller)  4/4
•   Cindy Aguilar (Spute)  10/5
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