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 Cordova Class Of 1975  

                         "Official Website"

"Happy 2017"  Hello everyone everywhere.  Hope everything is good. Time to update the website.  As you have probably seen nothing new has been added since the 40th reunion. So what's new? Nothing new to report on this side of the world. Life's good. The big news for 2017? Well everyone should be turning 60 this year or older, wow! A big Happy Birthday to you all. I got 142 days to go. It's not so bad, I have some things  I've been looking forward to like playing Senior Softball at the 60 age level.  I retired 2.5 years ago and a bunch of my softball buddies play tournament ball at the 60 age level and I can play at another level now.  Also probably going to get more Senior discounts!

  Do you have any ideas for the website (let me know) or the future class reunions or get togethers?   We've had them every 5 years but as we planned the last couple of one's we talked about maybe we should have waited longer to keep the interest up?  We also discussed dropping the big formal night and just doing a casual drop in get together party night somewhere? The Friday night Happy Hour parties have been a big success and pretty fun event the last 3 reunions. It's a free event (you still have to buy your drinks and eats).  A good time if you have gone.  It's an easy event to plan for to. So keep your information udated and let's see what happens? We probably could have it at someones house???  Maybe at Rameyland, Charlieville or Johnnieingram world? Popular classmates and everyone likes Charlie. So look for the Class of 1975 mothership  to pull up in front of your house and have a party. " Hey, hey its a joke, relax!" Some people getting old and cranky. Anyway we will have everyone bring their own bottle and an appetizer to share. You'll end up with a bunch of extra beer, wine and "recreational" left when the party's over.

   A couple of sad notes from 2016/2017 to report. Mark Vuletich passed away on 12/20/2016 his funeral is on 1/6/2017 in RosevilleLook online at the Sacramento Bee for information.  Also super big personality Steven Lacoss passed away on 1/1/2017 in Plano Texas.  Look him up on Facebook for more information. The funeral is supposed to be later this month.

  Ok until the next update, keep  in touch, reach out to an old friend (what are you waiting for?) and hope everyone is well and take care.

Ciao! Ricky Slama "unofficial class of 1975 mascot"

Sorry if things look out of wack. I haven't worked on here for awhile.



•   Donna Kaminsky (Peters)  10/27
•   Tim Dunham  10/22
•   Ernest (Carl) Turley  7/21
•   Mike Hoffeditz  6/13
•   Leslie Nye  4/3
•   Lorie Cable (Small)  3/14
•   Terese Robison  3/14
•   Dean Galiano  1/9
•   John Fleming  10/22
•   Mark Granados  10/22
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