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Hello Class of 1975,
Hey everyone, less than one year to the 45 year reunion.....
Your fellow classmate,
Tom Pollock

Hello Cordova class of 1975 ,  Updated 12/22/2019
It’s official , our 45 year class reunion "Still Crazy After All These Beers or We Are '75! or We Take No Jive, We're Still Alive "  (we're still trying to come up with  a name?")  is set for October 3rd, 2020 at the Rancho Cordova Elks Lodge at 11440 Elks Circle . I look forward to seeing everyone !!
More details to follow but please put this on your 2020 calendar.

                      Welcome To The  

                           Cordova Class Of 1975  

                      "Official Website"

45 Year Reunion, We Need Your Help!

Hello Classmates, (Updated 10/5/2019) We had our first meeting in August (Tom, Judy, Karen, Ricky & Cheryl) and we only had $400.00 in the Cordova Class of 1975 reunion bank  account.  It doesn't give us very much money to work with. Well we now have a little over $700.00 in the reunion bank  account!  A big Thank You to all of the classmates who have donated!!!!   "Please Help Donate To The Fund"  You can still donate. It help's  offset the cost of the reunion and to keep the class website going (around $100/year).  I know you would like to and any size donation will be greatly appreciated.  We have always tried to keep the reunions affordable to allow as many classmates  as possible to attend. The costs to put on a reunion are generally: The building rental, deposits,  food, bartenders, table linens, insurance, setup and cleanup, a DJ/music, decorations and some other miscellaneous costs associated with putting on the event. Also, there is a cost to keep the Cordova Class of 1975 website going.  Furthermore; as in the past and in the future all classmates who have donate their time and energy to help put on the reunions have paid their full share to attend the event. We were doing a basic numbers crunch  at the reunion committee meeting and we woud like to keep the cost around $45/person for the event. Any size donation $10, $25, $50, $100, $200 or even $500 or $1000 (Wow, Thank You!) will be gladly accepted. There is a Donation Button on the right side of the Home page, so click it now and click it often.  It's fun and easy just like voting! Do it early and often.   Any questions you can message me, Ricky Slama or one of your favorite classmates who are helping out.  


Reunion News

Tom Pollock has volunteered to lead and form a committee to put on the 2020 45 year reunion.  If you would like to help, send Tom a message. He just moved back to Sacramento and said he wanted to help with the 45 year reunion and would take the lead and has taken charge and got this event going. Thanks Tom for stepping up and bringing the time and energy to getting the ball rolling and getting this event together. Good Job!  Tom has jumped right into action and has organized a group of classmates, picked a date and reserved a venue where we can have the reunion party.  So save the date and mark it on your calendars.  The 2020 "45 year" reunion will be on October 3rd, 2020 at the Rancho Cordova Elks Lodge @ 11440 Elks Circle.!!!   We've had the 35th and 40th year reunions there and they have done some really nice upgrades and remodeling to the hall and it looks really nice now. The Elks Lodge works really well for our class. It's in Rancho Cordova, it's affordable and they can do all of the production for us.      Updated on 8/25/2019. 

  Ciao, until next time, Ricky Slama the unofficial Class of 1975 mascot. 

 In Memory Updates

As time marches on classmates pass away. I was just informed on 12/22/2019 Joann Bonomo (Brandle) passed away 10/25/2019.   Nancy Forsman (Stock) passed away on 7/21/2019.  Jim Green (Vickie Denny wife) passed away on 6/22/2019. He was  a good guy. I knew him since the 10th grade. Too young, Too soon.  Julia Chatt (Scott) passed away 4/22/2019 and Dennis  Wright passed away in January, 2019 from melanoma. You can see the names of those in the In Memory area of the website. 




•   Kim Williams  1/5
•   Mary Coburn (Pallotti)  1/1
•   Cathleen White (White)  12/22
•   Tom Pollock  11/27
•   Becky Middleton (Trelstad)  11/19
•   Keith Rogers  11/12
•   Charles Moore (Moore)  11/7
•   Donna Kaminsky (Peters)  10/27
•   Roger Warrick  9/1
•   Carmen Scheurer (Sherman)  8/26
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Donations for the 45 year reunion and website fund.