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•   Mitchell Mauk (Mauk)  8/31
•   Robin Bonnes (Carpenter)  8/27
•   Shannon Perry  8/25
•   Joann Bonomo (Brandle)  8/20
•   Marlene Lee (Lebeck)  8/19
•   Donna Kaminsky (Peters)  8/11
•   Cindy Terry (Jones)  8/9
•   Ellen Trotter (Peters)  8/7
•   Belinda Thomas  7/29
•   Kevin Tate  7/28
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We Need to sell more tickets....

 Hello Class of 1975! Are you going to attend the Reunion on Saturday night?  Well it's time to buy your tickets! Time is running out. It's only $45. Still cheap! It's payday Friday and the end of the month so "Get'er Done." (I think  that's how you say it?) Damn, it's 2:00 is it Happy Hour anywhere?  It's only about 23 more days to the Reunion. Next Friday (9/4/2015) we need to let them know how many are coming. So buy a ticket. The Friday night event is free, you buy your drinks, ours and whatever you want to eat.  We have some deadlines coming up and need to get more tickets sold.  We need to sell about 25 more tickets for the Saturday night event. We need to know in advance how many people are attending to see how many meals to order.  (The Bush and Trump superpacs have pulled their funding back. Perry said He'll ask his wife if he can throw in some money?)  It's a prepay event. We're sorry but we can't accept payments at the door. The cost of the ticket covers: building rental, setup and cleanup, table linens, bartenders, dinner, DJ, decorations, insurance and some other miscellaneous costs. Tell your friends! Remember, "No Classmate Left Behind Or Out!" 

  If you have all ready bought your ticket thanks! 'You Rock!!!"


 The Reunion Crew Presents





("What a Long Strange Trip it's Been")


Cordova High School

Class of



September 18, 2015 (Friday) Happy Hour / Mixer at Fire Rock Grill (formerly Sheepherder's Inn)


September 19, 2015 will be the 40-Year Reunion at the

                  Rancho Cordova Elks Lodge

                  Cocktails, Dinner, Dance Party, Dance Contest??? Probably not (just kidding), etc..  


TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW! Click on the "40 Year Reunion" tab  at the top of this page.


$45 - Buy Tickets.....Now!!!


We're sorry, but we cannot accept payments at the door, so please plan ahead.

Open to all classmates and friends...Maybe you went to one of the hundreds of elementary  schools in Rancho, Mitchell or Mills and would like to come, plan to attend!  Make sure your information is current so we can stay in touch.  Tell your friends.  Also, find us at  Make sure "no classmate is left behind!" Questions, Concerns we're here to help: Cathy "Cat" Darragh (McCollum), Karen Teel, Carmen Scheuer (Sherman), Maggie (Margaret Appleby) Christophersen or Ricky Slama (Ricky).


   "It Ain't Nothing But A Party"


*"Back From The Future" You guys get it, right? You're in the future now and you're coming back  to Rancho Cordova. The past. "What a long strange trip it's been" a line from "Truckin'" the number 1 song of 1975. Think about it...    






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1)   I Plan On Attending the Reunion On Saturday Night and am buying my ticket Right Now! It's been 40 years and it's time I had some fun.

Yes No
2)   I plan on going to Friday night only?

Yes No
3)   Man I'm going to both nights while I'm still young!

Yes No
4)   Will you be wearing a costume?

Yes No
5)   I understand some of these questions are jokes?

Yes No