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                      Welcome To The  

                           Cordova Class Of 1975  

                      "Official Website"


 (updated: 7/21/2020)  

Reunion News

   The 45 year reunion set for October 3rd, 2020 at the  Elks lodge has been CANCELLED. However;  the plan B reunion is on.  Because of the ongoing pandemic the class committee has decided to cancel the event.  We want to  give everyone the maximum amount of time possible to let everyone know.  "We just don't know if things are going to be open?"  If you purchased a ticket we will be mailing out refunds.   

    The Plan B Reunion is on:  We're having a 45 Reunion Happy Hour get together on October 3rd, 2020 (same date) at Brookside Restaurant & Bar (brooksiderestaurantandbar.netat 9819  Horn rd. Sacramento, Ca. 95827 at 5pm.  It's where the old Mills Winery was, right across the street from the Rancho Library.  Easy to find.  A lot of trees there, nice shady area, a park like setting.  We should be able to spread out more and abide by  social distancing guidelines.  It's a casual event , just like the reunions, stop by eat, snack and mingle and mix as you like.  It should be a fun night.  So spread the word to yours and our friends.   And remember it's free, no coupon or signing up.  I'll see if there's a way on the website  to allow people to respond about going, a survey response that posts.  It's nice and cool out this morning and I want to go for a ride before it get's to hot.  Figuring out the website and posting information takes time that I'm happy to do for the benefit of the Class of 1975 and I have to post a message on another website, it take's time. Plus Ricky's a slow typer.   There's also the class Facebook page where you can find updates. Tom is managing that.      

   If you have any questions contact one of the committee members.  Tom Pollock (lead), Karen Teel (Treasure), Judy Gellein, Duane Fidel, Carmen Scheurer (Sherman), Jana Dodge (Pellegrini) and Ricky Slama (me).  I'm hurrying to get this updated and the information out to everyone.  

    As we get ready for the 45 year reunion/get together, the reunion committee is looking ahead to planning the 50th reunion in 2025!   "50's a big number, a beautiful number!"*  Everyone stay well and plan for that.


Reunion and website donations 

    (Updated 7/17/2020)  Another big "Thank you" to all of the classmates who have made donations so far! We started out with around $600.00 in our reunion bank account last year (2019) when we first got together to plan out the 45 year reunion and have received about $1700.00 so far from your fellow classmates. The money is for keeping the reunion affordable, paying for the class website and having a kitty of money left over for the 50th class reunion.  Everyone will be about 68 years old that year (That's an even bigger number; that's what he said!*), who knows how many more reunions we'll have,  probably just yearly luncheons?  And your donation really helps offset some of those fixed costs that we have. The more that attend, the more the costs are spread out. If you have ever put on an event you know what I mean. We have fixed costs for deposits, setup, decorations (we want it to look nice), table linens, insurance, bartenders, DJ and cleanup.  Any amount you can contribute helps and is truly appreciated. It's fun and easy to do. Just click the link on the right side of the home page--->. The Cordova Class of 1975 website costs about $80/year? We have always tried to keep the reunions affordable to allow as many classmates  as possible to attend.  Furthermore; as in the past, all classmates who are on the reunion committee pay their full share to attend the event.  Any size donation $10, $25, $50, $100, $200 or even $500 or $1000 (Wow, Thank You, you rock!!) will be gladly accepted. Again there is a Donation Button on the right side of the Home page, so click it now and click it often.  It's fun and easy just like voting! Do it early and often. This year will make a big difference.  Any questions you can message any of your favorite reunion committe members.    


  Ciao, until next time, Ricky Slama now the official Class of 1975 mascot. 

 In Memory Updates

As time marches on classmates pass away. I'm sad to inform everyone of another classmate has passed away (updated 2/19/2020). Sandie McElliot (Sadler/Jessup) passed away 11/12/2019. Joann Bonomo (Brandle) passed away 10/25/2019.   Nancy Forsman (Stock) passed away on 7/21/2019.  Jim Green (Vickie Denny wife) passed away on 6/22/2019. He was  a good guy. I knew him since the 10th grade. Too young, Too soon.  Julia Chatt (Scott) passed away 4/22/2019 and Dennis  Wright passed away in January, 2019 from melanoma. You can see the names of those in the In Memory area of the website. 

Rancho Cordova news 7/21/2020

tai: "When one door closes, another one opens..."

    The other door has opened and the 45 year get together is on! Save up and get ready for the 50th it will be here before you know it!  I know a lot of you are holding out for that one.  Also, in case your wondering, I basically just wing it as I update the website and think about what to write.  Well it's still early on the left coast and I still like to have fun so Ciao!  Enjoy the day and make good use of your 24 hours.  I'm ready  to hit post/send.









•   Ella Mornini  8/2
•   Denise Bailes (Bennett)  7/23
•   Patricia Kelly  7/22
•   Dean Galiano  7/17
•   Keith Rogers  7/16
•   Terry Behrens  6/30
•   Jean Bennett (Kaatz)  6/29
•   Cathy Smith (White)  6/19
•   Robert Reichert (Reichert)  6/3
•   Diana Campbell (Thibodaux)  5/26
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


Donations for the 45 year reunion and website fund.