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Hey What's Up?

Hello Cordova Class of 1975 classmates all over the world! Summer has arrived, it's 6/23/2019 and it's going  to get close to 100 today. It's time to update the Home page. I hope everyone is well?  "Just about everyone should be turning 62 this year." I got  there in May. I don't feel like it but when I look in the mirror I get reminded of it. Cheryl and I went to see Jeff Lynne's ELO last night and all I could think of was "I see old people everywhere!" It was a great show. Go if you get a chance, they're a great band. Our long wet winter is finally over. It rained all the way through the 3rd week in May with over 3 1/2" of rain and temperatures below 60 for the week! I was glad I was in Maui that week. Pretty nice rain total/year (over 26") after all the years of drought.

Reunion News

Anyway, people have been asking me about a 2020 "45 Year" Reunion, and good news: a committee is being formed and a preliminary plan and outline has been put together. It might be in September 2020?  Air, bus, and rail fares are cheaper that time of year and everyone qualifies for a  Senior discount. Also a good time of the year to hitchhike back home it's a lot cooler. Like all reunions It will be a tariff free event, Yes!  A location needs to be found, anybody have a connection somewhere or a building or hall? Let me know. Anyone have a backyard big enough? Everyone has gotten older and mellower and it could be a real fun time and you will be forever memorialized and years from now everyone will talk about the great party they had at your house you'll be a legend. So send your parents out of town for the weekend and it will be a good old fashion house party for 63 year old's.  Very nice, like a Dick Van Dyke party only everything is legal now. Like all of the reunions the plan is to keep it affordable. There are a lot of costs involved  building rental, food, DJ, etc.. whatever costs we can keep down the better.  All we really need is a location, with some decorations, something to eat, drink, and music. The reunion committee puts it on for you and when you arrive it's on. The more people who come the better it gets. It's always a good time and people are so happy to see old friends even if you don't recognize that old dude with gray hair and overalls on. Evolution is a funny thing. Don't miss out, don't wait to next time. I always get contacted by a group of people who want to come and miss out for a number of reasons. You attending makes it a great event.  We've lost quite a few classmates over the years and we're only getting grayer, rounder. I make Fat Bastard from Austin Powers look buff! So commit to going, reach out to your friends and spread the news. We'll keep you updated over the next year on the plans.

  Ciao, until next time, Ricky Slama the unofficial Class of 1975 mascot. And remember this is the internet not everything I write is verifiable.

 In Memory Updates

As time marches on classmates pass away. Just found out today (6/24/2019) Jim Green (Vickie Denny wife) passed away on 6/22/2019. He was  a good guy. I knew him since the 10th grade. To young, Too soon.  Julia Chatt (Scott) passed away 4/22/2019 and Dennis  Wright passed away in January, 2019 from melanoma. You can see the names of those in the In Memory area of the website. 




•   Keith Rogers  6/29
•   Lauri McDonald (Gibson)  6/24
•   Cathy Smith (White)  6/24
•   Tom Pollock  5/31
•   Donna Kaminsky (Peters)  4/28
•   Joyanne Kearns (Sissom)  4/21
•   Linda Patterson  3/27
•   Ella Mornini (Deatrick)  3/7
•   Mike Hoffeditz  2/22
•   Ernest (Carl) Turley  2/15
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